Friday, October 1, 2010

Spend Reports #3 and #4

I got behind with my spend reports, so I decided to do them all just before I start shopping only in New Westminster. Maybe I got behind because I was traumatized by having to admit how much I spent in a week in Spend Report #2. (I can't even bring myself to type the amount, you'll have to read that post if you want to know.)

Someone, anyone, please tell me you’ve done the same. I did feel a little better when I went to Wal-Mart during its once-a-year anniversary sale. The bargain shoppers were out in full force and some of them were making big impulse purchases. I saw a woman leave the store with a loaded cart and a 40” TV. She said she went in the store to buy a single toy, but couldn’t resist the $398 TV. Then I pondered that while she has a big-screen TV to show for her spending spree, all I have is a duvet and public humiliation.

Spend Report #3

From Sept. 16 to 22, I spent approximately $480.

I spent about $380 in New Westminster on:
A coat, groceries and miscellaneous items* at Wal-Mart
More items at Wal-Mart including Oreos, soap, Froot Loops and a Christmas present for my nephew 
Groceries at Safeway
Lunch at Opa
Food and rides at the Queensborough Fall Fair

I spent about $100 on:
Groceries (Richmond)
Lunch (Vancouver)
Deodorant (Kiehl’s, Vancouver)
Eye cream (The Bay, Vancouver)
Metered parking – $11!!! (Vancouver)

* Includes Hot Tub Time Machine DVD. It’s a hot tub and a time machine.

Spend Report #4

From Sept. 23 to 30, I spent approximately $460. This is the week I abandon all pretense of trying to shop normally and do a farewell tour of stores around the Lower Mainland that I won’t be spending money in for the next year.

I spent about $120 in New West on:
Spent. Sex, Evolution and Consumer Behavior (Just $9.99 at Black Bond Books; would have been $22 at Chapters or $21 at
Produce, almost all from B.C. (at Kin’s Farm Market)
Coffee and more coffee (at Starbucks)
A DQ Blizzard (Since when do Blizzards cost almost $5!?!)
Shoes for my son (Shoe Warehouse)

I spent about $340 on:
Groceries (Price-Smart in Hamilton, the Richmond neighbourhood that borders Queensborough)
More groceries (delivered by SPUD, which is based in Vancouver)
Gas (Shell in Hamilton)
Shampoo and conditioner (Metrotown, Burnaby)
Parking and ice cream at the Coliseum (Arcade Fire concert, Vancouver)
T-shirt and groceries (Superstore, Coquitlam) **
Various items at IKEA
Sweater, shirt and belt (Marks, Burnaby)
T-shirt (Warehouse One, Burnaby)

** It won’t be hard to stop shopping at Superstore. I only go a few times a year. My husband objects to its mix of merchandise.
“Is the raw meat supposed to go on top of my clothes or do I put the meat in the cart first?” is the kind of thing he says when I tell him I've been there.
Updated Oct. 8, 2010


  1. Wow, a whole year of shopping at places like Walmart, Starbucks and McDonalds?? Aren't you a rebel...

  2. Yeah, so far, I've replaced shopping at big chains in and outside New West with shopping at big chains in New West. And this past week, I've done almost no shopping at all. But hey, I've got a whole year, it's early days.