Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spend Report #8 and #9: Local stores need my dollars more than Wal-Mart

I got behind on my spend reports, so I decided to combine two into one. By the end of October, I realized I was still mostly sticking to chain stores, so I've decided for November to avoid Wal-mart.

Shopping locally seems more important than ever, given news of the Orange Room's closure and a perhaps shakier-than-hoped-for-revitalization of Sapperton. I'm sure Wal-mart will survive without my dollars for the next month; local stores need my dollars more.

I wish I had an unlimited budget, but I don't, so I'm also thinking up some ways to promote more local businesses through my blog, even if I can't buy something from each one every week.

Spend Report #8 and #9

From Oct. 22 to 28, I spent about $490 in New Westminster:
  • McDonald's
  • Toiletries at London Drugs – Including made-in-Canada shea butter hand cream for $1.99.  
  • Slider at Royal City Curling Club – not a mini-burger, some type of thing curlers wear on their feet; for my husband.
  • Gas 
  • Groceries at Safeway and IGA
  • Craft supplies at a dollar store and Wal-mart 
  • Dinner at Boston Pizza
  • Lunch at the Heritage Grill on Columbia St. – I'd never been to this New West institution before, but I'll be back. I had a yummy lamb burger and the fries are great. This Columbia St. venue hosts many events and groups including a documentary night, Philosophers' Cafe, Green Drinks, GIN (Gay In New West) Nights every Saturday and lots of live music
  • Boots at Army and Navy for my Halloween costume

From Oct. 29 to Nov. 4, I spent about $280 in New Westminster:
  •  Halloween make-up and costume items at Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmasave on Columbia St., London Drugs and Wal-mart – I really think New West needs a Halloween superstore. An existing retailer—hello Salvation Army? Dollar store owners? Army and Navy?—could operate it as a pop-up store just for the Halloween season.
  • Lunch at Quantum Deli and Bistro on Sixth Street
  • Scones and a cappuccino bar at Bella Bakery
  • Bread and coffee at Farm Cottage Bakery in Sapperton
  • Puzzle and CD at Pedagogy Toys
  • Three pumpkins at Yin Leong Farm in Queensborough – Can't make a more local purchase than this! Bought here, grown here, about five blocks from my house.
  • Pulled pork sandwich at Graze in Sapperton – You must go here. That sandwich was so good, I'm still thinking about it a week later.
  • Coffee and a cranberry bliss bar at Starbucks
  • Sushi at Tora Sushi in Queensborough
  • Groceries at Price Smart.