What I'm Not Doing

A frequently updated list of things I haven't done or bought and places I haven't gone that I usually probably would if I wasn't shopping in New Westminster all year long. (Updates at top of list.)

Not going to buy my hanging baskets or any any other plants at Home Depot.

Not going to Sephora to get one of my favourite cosmetic products, You're Bluffing by Benefit. Not going to order it online either.

Not running out to Staples to pick up a new office chair. Not sure where I will get a new office chair in New West.

Not going to Sears or the Bay to get a new bathrobe. Not sure where I will get one in New West.

No Siegel's bagels. Used to get them with my SPUD order. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to buy good (Montreal good) bagels in New Westminster. Readers, please correct me if I'm wrong.

No Circle Craft, which frankly, I'm pretty bummed about. I could still go and not buy anything, but I have very low to no resistance when it comes to buying handmade soap, so best to stay away.

No making the usual rounds to see what kind of Christmas decorations stores are selling —
  • No Superstore, Canadian Tire, Sears, the Bay, IKEA, and Restoration Hardware. I would probably buy from at least two or three of those places.
No making the usual rounds for my Halloween costume —
  • No Dressew in Vancouver
  • No Thomas FX in North Vancouver – You have to love a Website that has a section for "Skeletons and Body Parts" and where you can buy enough fake, powdered blood (25 kg) to fill a swimming pool, stain-free! I bought stab wounds there for my costume last Halloween.
  • No Value Village in Langley – arguably better stocked than Dressew
  • No Party Bazaar in Vancouver
No hand cream from L'Occitane after my dentist appointment
No pizza from Italian Kitchen coffee bar after my dentist appointment downtown
No crazy expensive Halloween costume for my son from BuyCostumes.com.
No Priceline hotel for trip to Ghostland Observatory and/or shopping trip
No dollar-almost-at-par shopping trip to Bellingham/Seattle
No Ghostland Observatory
No Gogol Bordello
No Senor Froggy in Kamloops
No Cowboy Coffee in Kamloops
No snacks or coffee on the way up to Kamloops
No Smaller donation to KEXP

Updated May 4, 2011

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